Saturday, August 27, 2011

Playground Conditioning

This was a fun day only because it was different, I biked up to the playground behind an elementary school and found a way to do a fun workout.

6 Rounds for time
10 Fat Man KippingPullups
10 Boulder Burpees
10 Bench Box Jumps
3 Poll Climbs
Time: 24:44

Needs some explaining, the fat man pullups were done off the side bar of the monkey bars, I call then fat man because the bar was much fatter than normal pullup bars, I couldn't even get my hand all the way around that made them much harder than regular pullups.....also because my knees were a couple inches from the ground it was hard to get a good kip in.  The boulder burpees are simple, do a burpee, then perform a lateral hop over the boulder, it was maybe 2 feet wide and one foot high....and done over gravel so my hands and chest were covered in pebbles.  The bench box jumps are pretty self explanatory, it was maybe 20 inches high, this was the easiest one by far.  The poll climbs would mimic a rope climb, but I never used my legs and were a hell of a lot harder than I thought they would be.  The steel poll couldn't have been too high, looked in between 10 and 15 feet, but I'm 6'3 and have a long reach, also I never slid back down I just dropped, which wasn't too high to do so I don't know.  Overall this was a fun challenging workout, the heat outside made it sweaty and I was covered in dust and pebbles by the end, the stations weren't exactly side by side either.


  1. Ha! That looks like fun! I might give this a try some time, but not during a school day, otherwise I'll be risking arrest. I've never done any climbing, not even with a rope when I was at school. I'm sure it will be harder than I expect; when I watch CrossFit athletes doing rope climbs I always wonder why they make it look so hard, especially with all their upper body strength. Clearly, I'm missing something that will become apparent when I try it!

  2. It was a lot of fun, this was done on a saturday so obviously no kids, and school hasn't even started yet but a couple passer by's did look over in confusion I'm guessing. The climbs were much harder than I thought, the 3 climbs probably took just as long or longer than the 10 pullups (which were harder bc of the fat bar). Also if you use a steel poll like one you'd see at a playground careful on the way down, at one I slid down and it burned my hand a bit.