Sunday, June 5, 2011


Stretching day, hip still sore if it's not any better by Wednesday I will skip my leg day because I want the issue to go away.

Hanging Bar Lat stretch - 2x30 seconds
Cable Row Loaded Stretch - 2x30 seconds

Bar Bent Arm Chest stretch - 2x30 seconds
Skipping Rope Rotations - 2x10 reps

IT Band
Pigeon - 2x30 seconds

Seated Feet together - 2x30 seconds
Iso Side Lunge - 4x15 seconds

Hip Flexor/Quad
Modified Lunge with back knee flexed - 2x30 seconds
Runners Stretch - 2x30 seconds
Knee Flex on apparatus - 2x30 seconds

Lying Prone Advanced - 2x30 seconds

BO soft knees - 2x30 seconds
Seated Straight Leg

Seated Loaded Stretch - 2x30 seconds
Standing Loaded Stretch - 2x30 seconds

With a little extra work on my hip at the end, more or less this was the same as last day, I realize these days are important to avoid further issues.  I read before that lifters with long limbs are more prone to injuries, lucky me.


  1. When I was having problems with my left shoulder I skipped any shoulder training for a week and took it fairly easy the next week. That definitely helped me - do you think something similar might work for you, too?

  2. Ill find out, I won't be doing any squatting for a week, even my conditioning today was only running.